Log Canoe Gallery

Featured Photographer: William C. Kepner

Several times each summer, residents of the eastern Chesapeake Bay are treated to the sight of their beloved log canoes. Whether it's on the Miles River or the Tred Avon, the experience is always a wonder, as these graceful craft dodge one another in search of just the right wind…and the finish line! Visually, there's not a more glorious sight on the bay than the Chesapeake Bay log canoe.

Originally adapted from Native American dugout canoes, these boats were once the waterman's workhorse, carrying fish and oysters back to market. As fresh catch called for a speedy return to shore, taller masts and larger sails were added to the motor-less canoes. At the turn of the twentieth century, more than 7000 log canoes worked the bay; today about 20 are still in existence. As their commercial use declined, the canoes were adapted for racing as sport. Today, the legacy of log canoe racing continues at the Miles River Yacht Club in St. Michaels, Maryland, which is known as "The Home of the Log Canoe." From June to September, log canoes can be seen racing on the river.

Log Canoe Gallery is pleased to bring you this unique opportunity to purchase prints of log canoes, both current and from our archives. The Fleet Gallery offers images of single boats under sail. The variety of size and sail adds beauty to the collection. At the Races features many exciting moments of these beautiful boats in competition. Our standard size prints are listed; please contact us for larger sizes or for image purchase rights.

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